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In 2005, Cape Fear Healthy Carolinians, a state-funded coalition of non-profit health and human service agencies, reorganized in New Hanover and Brunswick counties. The group decided to address three categories of issues as defined by the state’s Healthy Carolinians leadership: Chronic Disease (in this case, obesity), Injury Prevention and Access to Health Care.

A subcommittee was formed to look at each issue. The Access Subcommittee began meeting in August 2005 and soon added other members from health and human service agencies in New Hanover and Brunswick counties. Discussion focused on how to improve the way care is delivered to those who are poor and without insurance.

Today, the Access Subcommittee is known as Cape Fear HealthNet. Cape Fear HealthNet (CFHN) was incorporated and became a 501c3 non-profit organization in 2008.  CFHN’s Board of Directors includes members from a wide range of health and social service agencies in New Hanover and Brunswick counties, as well as practicing and retired physicians.


1. To expand the safety net to provide medical homes for primary care

2. To create a centralized system that standardizes eligibility, redistributes patients throughout the safety net based on acuity and capacity, and refers them for specialty care

3. To provide case management of patients with chronic disease, teaching them to manage their symptoms and avoid unnecessary medical care

4. To create a network of volunteer physicians for referrals from the safety net

5. To create a network of pharmacy solutions to ensure patients can afford medications




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